Beauty in the Badlands

God's Hand at Work

Have you wondered if God can make something good out of bad? Been down on your luck? In the doldrums with no hope...convinced God has abandoned you?

You don't have to be alone.

Should I say that again? You don't have to be alone.

Badlands National Park

Even in the desert, when there's not another soul in sight, God's handiwork is visible. His sculptures are a testament to His power and majesty and what we have waiting on the other side.

Life in the Badlands

Why do we linger in a dry, parched land? 

We struggle to make to day...digging in the dirt for satisfaction, hope, and joy. Only to cry out in anger when they crumble into dust.

Why struggle alone in this life when He's eager to help? Why push Him to the side and force Him to watch as we scrape in the sand, bloody and wounded?

We are never alone...even in the wilderness. God provides hope and direction in the darkest of nights. He's always listening. He's always waiting.

And He wants to help.

Beauty in the Badlands
This world isn't easy. After all, it is a fallen one. There's pain and destruction everywhere, but God didn't abandon us to the wolves. He still wants to help.

And how can He do that? If you let Him! You're not perfect. Accept that, confess it and accept His Son, Jesus into your heart. Let Him take control of all the things you can't handle. That means your life. Let Him restore your hope.

Walk with Him and, like the Badlands, your life will be a testament of God's handiwork on this earth.

And you'll never be alone again.


Renee with her husband, James in the Badlands

Brief testimony:
I recently visited Badlands National Park with my husband, James. The beauty of the park, although rugged, reminded me of God's handiwork and power.
I always look for Him in everything around me. I try to see the beauty in all as well...yes, even the dry prairie!
It gives me hope that the Lord is with me and His hand is upon this land.
May the Lord bless you and keep you in the palm of His hand.
In Christ,
Renee Blare

Badlands National Park:
Pictures taken by Renee Blare: please do not reuse without permission.


  1. The beauty of that place takes your breath away! Thanks for your encouraging post. It can be good even in the Badlands with Christ.

    1. Yes, it can! You are such a great friend and person. Thank you for stopping by. I hope you get to see this wonderful place if you haven't before. It will take your breath. :)

  2. Renee, thank you for such an insightful message and the great pictures of a desolate, yet enchanting part of the west. Even in a barren land, or a barren stretch in our life, God's hand can be seen and felt. Thank you for your excellent reminder. Joyce @ Heart"wings

    1. You're welcome, Joyce. Life is hard. I'd hate to try to walk it alone. God gives me the strength to navigate this harsh world. The Badlands are a testament to His amazing grace and glory. Who else could turns such a barren place into such beauty?

  3. Sometimes it is hard to see how anything could survive in such desolation, then you look and see one tiny flower in full bloom and see the very colorful butterflies and birds and as you look even closer the remarkable other reptiles in the wast land. GOD tells us look at the bird and the flowers and how He clothes them , How much more He must care for us. Thank you for reminding me that there is always beauty in the dry places and GODs hand is always upon us, watching and providing the simplest type of beauty for our pleasure.
    I am so blessed by the flowering beauty He shows me in you. My His SONshine shine upon you always!

    1. Thank YOU, Renette. You are the blessing in my life. God is good and true, no matter the circumstance. :)


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