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Dandelions on the Road


Brooke Williams

About the Book, Dandelion on the Road:

Twelve men…one woman…plenty of dandelions. Eva Merida has her life in order. She loves her job at the Furry Friends Rescue League and has a loving, supportive family. But she’s still missing that one special person to stand by her side. When she comes in third place on the local TV version of “The Bachelor,” entitled Accept this Dandelion, she nearly loses all hope for romance. Fortunately, the TV station decides to do a second season of the dating show…and they name Eva as the Bachelorette! With a plethora of dating mishaps recorded for TV, Eva finds herself falling for several men at once…including the show’s host. Will she find love at last or simply embarrass herself in front of the entire city?

About the Author, Brooke Williams:

Brooke Williams is a sleep-deprived stay at home mom/freelance writer/author who has an unnatural interest in dandelions. She attributes her humor to her two young girls for keeping her in the lack of sleep state on a regular basis. She has been married to her husband Sean since 2002. Brooke has a background as a radio announcer and producer and also did a short stint as a TV traffic reporter. Brooke specializes as a freelance writer and creates blogs, articles, web content and more for clients all over the world. She has written a number of novels including: “Someone Always LovedYou,” “Beyond the Bars,” “Wrong Place, Right Time,” “Accept this Dandelion,” and “Mamarazzi.”

A Faithful Review of Dandelions on the Renee:

I open the page and always get a delightful reminder of why I love this author's books!
Book Two of the Brooke's Dandelions series delivers fun and romance in the same light-hearted style as Accept this Dandelion (Book One) and does not disappoint. In Dandelions on the Road, the reader gets to revisit familiar characters and have a ball as "The Bachelor" dating game continues...but this time with a twist. A beautiful woman's up for grabs this time and twelve men are on the chopping block.
Don't miss your chance to giggle, sigh, and cry. I wish it had a bit more depth but other than that, this book has plenty to make the heart sing.
* * * * You do it again, Ms. Williams. I give Dandelions on the Road four stars...

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