The Heaven Hotline

The Heaven Hotline

“Don’t worry about it, Mom. I’ll call the pastor’s wife when I get home and put Aunt Martha on the prayer chain.”

“What in the world happened? We were rockin’ along and now this? I guess we’ll have to regroup. Maybe we should find a church. Mmmm, not sure about that, but it couldn’t hurt.”

“I don’t know anymore. I’ve tried everything. Well, when all else fails, I guess we’ll just pray and what happens…happens.”

“Where are you, God? How can You let this happen? You’re supposed to be love and light! How am I supposed to believe in a God like You when you let these things happen?”


The Heaven Hotline. The emergency call number or 911 for the modern-day Christian. It’s a simple concept really.

Life gets too hard or an unexpected tribulation strikes our neat and orderly little world and we grab the phone. We dial into Heaven for relief. As soon as we receive it, we hang up and go on about our merry way.

But what happens when we don’t get what we want? What happens when the trial or the pain is too insurmountable and it rocks the very foundation of our faith? Do we keep calling? Or do we hang up and walk away?

Quite the question, isn’t it?


The problem with this concept of the Heaven Hotline is God’s NOT to be called only when we need Him. Life is TOO hard for that and Satan knows it. He’s waiting for us to make that mistake.

Like any relationship, the Christian’s bond with the Father needs nurturing. It begins at birth…or should I say rebirth when we accept His son, Jesus Christ as our Savior and grows each and every day with time spent learning more about Him (Scripture), communication (prayer), and fellowship with fellow believers.

It does not simply entail living our daily lives as we see fit and then making an emergency phone call when times get tough. (That’s a pretty one-sided deal, if you ask me.)

When a person makes a profession of faith in Jesus Christ, life changes on the inside for the man or woman but the world doesn’t care. In fact, the evil lurking within it (Satan) detests the purity and light now covering that person.

And be prepared, life isn’t fair in this world. Disease abounds. Crime is rampant. People are looking to destroy everything good in it. And it’s getting worse every single day.


The Heaven Hotline is real, but what is it?

It is powerful and important and amazing. A direct line of communication to the Father through the Holy Spirit. And who are connected? Those who are in fellowship with Him, bathed in the blood of Jesus Christ. Are you ready to make that phone call?

But before you do…ask yourself, “Am I prepared for the answer?”

For He will answer.


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