Halloween at the Blare House

“Trick or treat?” A miniature version of Batman stands on the porch with a small plastic pumpkin in his hand. My husband tosses a couple of miniature candy bars his way, and he gallops down the steps. He nods eagerly at his mom waiting at the sidewalk as they scamper off to the next house. The next visitor arrives a few moments later, but instead of the “customary” greeting, I hear a squeal and bunch of laughter…yep, my hubby’s playing his tricks again.

You may be thinking, “But I thought she was a Christian author…” Or “Not Halloween! That’s such an evil holiday!”

First, let me say, yes, I’m a Christian and so is my husband and son and mother and father…shall I go on? I take my faith in Christ very seriously as does my husband and son and— and, oh yes, I’m an author. I believe in spreading the message of the Lord in all forms with one being, of course, through my writing.

Back to the topic at hand, Halloween. I don’t know how many times I heard these words this month: “This has got to be my least favorite holiday.” I heard it at work, at the grocery store, at church. At work, they placed Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations on the shelves before the first day of October. At the grocery store, nobody wanted to deal with it, and for some people at church? Well, the day may as well have been designed by Satan himself. Complaints galore…but not one was out of the mouth of a child.

For those Christians out there who don’t like Halloween, maybe this will help a little bit. Believe it or not, the origin of Halloween is not American. It actually came to America with the colonists but originated before then and is celebrated in several countries even today. The holiday begins the three-day observance of Allhallowtide. We use this time on the Christian calendar not only to honor the saints such as Peter and Paul (or for St. Peter for y’all Catholics out there), and martyrs, but to also remember our fellow lost believers.

Some scholars believe a few pagan rituals were woven into the origins of this Christian observance, mainly the Celtic festival of Samhain. Others disagree. I prefer to believe that All Hallows Eve or Halloween began as a Christian day of prayer and observance but due to cultural reasons, both then and now, morphed into a secular holiday. It still has powerful connotations if used for its original purpose, both spiritually and morally.

This past week, my job sent me to my local elementary school. I set aside my “adult” eyes for a bit, and in the process, was reminded why my husband enjoys this holiday so much. Oh, I don’t like the evil interpretations which has become so much a part of the day in these times. As a parent, I wouldn’t promote that to my son if he was still young. (In fact, he wasn’t one for costumes at all when he was a child.) But camaraderie and joy in the midst of creativity and fun? Now THAT I do encourage.

For me, it’s a time for fellowship and sharing how Christ is with us ALL even in the mire of this world. He is our hero, our Savior. Carve a pumpkin and show the world how much you love Him. Wear a costume and stand out in the crowd. And when people ask you what makes you so different? Answer!

Food, or should I say, Candy for Thought:

How have you imparted God’s vision to others this year? Do you offer His hope to a world of ghouls and goblins? And when the witches and zombies come calling, will you show them His light or close your door?


  1. This says it about Halloween about as clearly as I have heard it stated. Anything we celebrate all boils down to the intent of the heart. I did the costumes with my girls and with my grandkids. We didn't do the spooky things, we did the fun things. I have lots of memories of those times.

  2. Thank you, Ann. I love to listen to my husband laugh and play around with the kids. And believe it or not, I still love to dress up! I was a "confused" hunter this year. LOL


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