Faithful Reviews: Mamarazzi by Brooke Williams

Faithful Reviews by Renee

Mamarazzi Captures the Imagination
and the Heart

About the Book, Mamarazzi:

Danica Bennett isn't sure what she hates more...her job or the fact she's good at it.

As one of the the many Hollywood paparazzi, she lives her life incognito and sneaks around trying to get the best shot of the latest star. When she is mistaken for an extra on a new, up and coming TV show, her own star rises and she becomes the one in the photographs. Add that to the fact that she's falling for her co-star, Eliot Lane, and Danica is in a whole heap of trouble.

And Renee's Review of Mamarazzi,

Villain or hero? Can someone be both? Brooke Williams shows it's possible in Mamarazzi as she pens a story which captures the imagination...and steals your heart.

Danica Bennett's a brilliant photographer, and nobody knows it except her...and her agent. She'd happily toss her disguises in the trash for a "real" job except for the pile of bills on her counter and her grumbling belly. When her search for the next great "shot" lands her as an extra in the next great sitcom, her life takes an unexpected turn, and she finds herself on the receiving end of the lens. Faced with pressure from her agent, the Mamarazzi must make a or leave love behind.

Ms. Williams layers this story with lessons in life which are important for all. From the fragmented heartbreak of Alzheimer's to the blunder of an assumption, she touches the heart to keep the reader turning the pages. 

I give Mamarazzi five stars.

About the Author of Mamarazzi, Brooke Williams:

Brooke Williams is a former radio announcer/producer and script writer turned freelance writer and author. When Brooke's first daughter was born in 2009, she left her full time radio career to stay home. Eventually, she realized she could fulfill her lifelong desire to write while her daughter napped, and she then entered into he freelance writing world. As her business grew, she took on clients from all over the world and began to dabble in fiction writing once again.
Brooke has several books on the market including her first novel, "Someone Always Loved You" and the thriller "Beyond the Bars." She also released "Wrong Place, Right Time" from the Writer's Coffee Shop, and "Accept this Dandelion" from Prism Book Group. She even has a children's book under contract for February of 2016.
Brooke loves all things writing and currently specializes in clean romantic comedy, though she's written a bit of everything.


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