Renee's Inspirational Moments is back on BLOGGER!

Renee's Inspirational Moments is BACK...on Blogger!

I know, I know...I hear your complaints! Blogger, Wordpress, website..."Why won't she make up her mind?"

I had to try it, but alas, the verdict is in. Blogger is where it's at, hence, Blogger is where Inspirational Moments will remain.

Faith for the Journey, Coffee Corner, Faithful Reviews plus a few added features like Pen to the Page, and Faith at Work will grace the blog as usual...once a week on Sundays.

Join me as I explore new books, offer giveaways, conduct author interviews, treat you with special guestblogs, inspirational posts and unique Scriptural tidbits. Yep...all starting this weekend, August 30!

See ya Sunday...

In Christ, 

Renee Blare
Christian Author of Romance and Suspense
Renee's Inspirational Moments


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