The Coffee Corner Welcomes Erin Unger, the Killer Romance Writer

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Welcome to the Coffee Corner! This week’s guest is Erin Unger, the Killer Romance Writer.

Even though she’s not published as an author...YET, she is as an illustrator. We hope to see those tales in print soon in real soon! But on with the interview…

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Renee: Hey Erin, welcome to the Diamond Mine. It’s great to see you! I guess we won’t keep these eager beavers waiting. What’s easiest about writing for you?

Erin: Writing dialogue is easiest to me. I love good banter between two characters. And it helps to liven it up when you use lots of action tags while they’re talking.

Renee: I have to agree about dialogue livening up the book! It has a way keeping my attention. What advice do you have for the new writer?

Erin: Our first manuscript is our baby. We take extra time and care on it. We protect it. And we get so upset when changes and suggestions are made. Let go of the baby and accept that others are trying to make our manuscript the best it can be. And don’t spend so much time with it. Move on to the next story once you’ve done what you can do, even if it hasn’t been picked up by a publishing house or agent. We have to always be learning and growing as writers. We can only do that if we move on to the next story.

Renee: That’s some good advice. Quite a challenge too, if you think about it. What’s your biggest challenge as an author?

Erin: My biggest challenge is sitting in my office chair and getting started at the beginning of each writing session. I have A.D.D. so it’s an extra difficult thing for me to get in the zone and to sit still long enough to let concentration kick in. How I wish I didn’t struggle so with this condition.

Renee: Do you have any fun hobbies or things you like to do when you aren’t writing?

Erin: I love to paint. I wanted to be an artist long before I wanted to be a writer. Both worlds are so hard to break into! It’s so relaxing to set out my acrylics and a new canvas and work on creating something new. Now, the challenge comes when I have to find a spot on the wall to put all my art.

Renee: And you’re quite the artist. I’ve seen some of your illustrations. (Check out the cover of Memphis Learns the Hard Way, folks.) Back to writing…how do you decide what to write about and when do you do your research?

Erin: Every story I’ve written has been from some inner inspiration I get from God. He’s directed me to some interesting stories, some sad and heart-breaking, through life experiences. One of my stories I even dreamed of and it built into a whole manuscript. Research is a huge part of every book I write. I spend about a month before each book researching all kinds of things from how a certain house wants things written to settings and careers that my characters have. Readers are so smart. They know when we didn’t look things up. Always research!

Renee: Oh yes, the readers are very smart. And it seems like someone always knows more (unless you’re an expert, of course.) I’ve decided I’m NOT one of those…expert, that is...ever. So, research is vital for me. Anyway, how do you decide on a setting for your story?

Erin: A lot of times, the characters in my stories help me decide a location setting. In my most recent manuscript that made it to stage 2 of From Blurb to Book with Love Inspired Harlequin, my main character and her partners were on vacation when they were asked to investigate a murder. I love the Blue Ridge Mountains and, in particular, a farm up there that isn’t the typical farm setting. The more I mulled over the plot, the more I knew this farm was the perfect location for the book. It makes it easy when you’ve seen an actual location. You can tweak it and make the setting your own.

Renee: Erin, I’ve had a great time! Thanks for swinging by the Coffee Corner.

Erin: Thanks, Renee, for having me. It’s always fun to join you on your blog.



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About Erin Unger, the Author:
Erin Unger
Erin Unger
Erin Unger is a romantic suspense junky with her writing and reading. She loves to craft great suspense plots that keep her readers guessing to the end. She’s also an artist. Her first illustrated book, Memphis Learns the Hard Way by Karla Gragg released in 2013.
Erin's website:
Featured Releases - as illustrator.
Memphis Learns the Hard Way
Illustration by Erin Unger


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