Pen to the Page: The Art of the Book Trailer

Pen to the Page: The Art of the Book Trailer

Beast of Stratton: Simplicity in Motion

My book was out, but I needed a book trailer. How would I create one of the most influential pieces of material for my book?
I did what I always do…I learned about it. I soaked in as much as I could. I watched various styles of trailers…long ones, short ones, complex, boring. I read every blog and article regarding the process. I perused multitudes of pictures and listened to all types of music.
Finally, I was ready to tackle the mighty Book Trailer.
But when I began to piece things together, I discovered why I'm not a producer or director. It was harder than I dreamed. Nothing worked. It didn’t flow or look right. Or sound right. Needless to say, I stopped and started over...from the beginning.

I read the back of Beast of Stratton again. (Yes, the back cover copy!)

What was my book about…really? What did I want the reader to know in a few short words…after all, I had less than a minute (the recommended length of an effective book trailer.) 

How on earth was I going to do that? Frustration sent me to bed on several occasions.
And then one night, my husband’s words rang through my head…like a cymbal. “Simple, Renee, keep it simple.”
He’d spoken those words to me a long time ago, and it hadn't involved a book trailer. They were about the Word of God and my struggle to apply it to daily life. Back then, the busyness of thoughts and complexity of intellect interfered with His message. That night, as in the past, God’s voice wasn’t loud, but His message was clear.
Be simple, be real.
And I listened. I picked out a few pictures—a few lines. Matched the music, and the Beast of Stratton book trailer was born.

Beast of Stratton Book Trailer

If you make a book trailer, be simple…be real.
Whether your book’s a novella or an encyclopedia, your readers don’t expect a movie. They want the truth. They don
’t need a book (you've already written one), but expect entertainment. Give it to them! Offer a teaser…a puzzle, but always leave them craving more.

Beast of Stratton available for purchase (prices may vary):
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In Christ,


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