A Glimpse of the Real Me

Do you ever wonder what people think? I mean REALLY think?

Renee Blare

The Mess
You tell people what you do. But does it register? Will they remember? Or does it slide in one ear and out the other…like a mother’s request for her kid to clean his room?


I mean, take me for example…I’m a pharmacist. That’s not a surprise for people in my neck of the woods. After all, they see me in my white jacket from the post office to the grocery store. And I help them at the pharmacy on more occasions than I can count. Since I’ve been in the field for eighteen years, I can say I’ve earned every gray strand I attempt to hide with my local store's cheap hair color.

I love my customers, but I have to admit, I’m relieved to close the doors some days. Why?

As much as I like my career, I’m not a robot. I bleed—a fact people forget.

What do I do when the grind at the counter's over? I go home…and write. You heard me right! I write. Well, after snuggling with my wonderful hubby...I do miss him after working all day.

Oh, and did I mention this thing?
Cooper, the Water Dog

Poco, the Saint
Shasta, the Tiger
He’s the live-wire of the house…a ten-month-old Labrador retriever named Cooper. Poco, our elderly cocker spaniel, and Shasta, my cat, tolerate him. I’ve actually caught them glancing at each other and rolling their eyes as if saying, “Him again?”

Of course, I could be doing it as well. The dog’s a menace. Hey folks, don’t tell James I said that. He adores his new pup.

Back to the books…yes, I’m an author. It’s my second job and one I love with all my heart. It’s quite the balancing act, though...and oh, yeah, it’s NOT a hobby.

Beast of Stratton by Renee Blare
My debut book

Did I say that too vehemently? Sorry, but I get a little hot under the collar when I hear that word. Even if it's in my own mind. After all, I write for the same reason I'm a pharmacist. Dedication, education, and devotion to a higher purpose. I work hard at it. It’s my job. Above all? I have a burning desire to help people. Don’t belittle it. I wouldn’t do it to you.

Oath of a Pharmacist

If I had an Oath of a Writer, I'd have it hanging right next to my Pharmacist's Oath on my office wall. Okay, I'll step off the soapbox now.

Balancing two jobs can be mighty challenging. Dust tends to accumulate on the furniture in inches. Of course, Wyoming isn’t exactly conducive to a sparkling clean house. It’s dry…really dry. You sneeze and dirt floats in the air. Although it has been a wet spring. My asthma hasn’t stabilized for months. (Then again, maybe I’m just lazy.)

Renee's Trinkets

But I've figured this cleaning gig out! Locked cabinets. I keep my favorite trinkets locked away from the elements. Less dusting that way. Life’s too short to worry about a little grime.

Grand Teton
Grand Teton
The Blare's
You see, I love my life. I live in a gorgeous state. I have a terrific family who supports me…even while I work two jobs and spend most of my "spare" time buried in a computer.

But there’s one more thing...do you remember when I told you that I’m a pharmacist? And then I said I’m an author? Which one impressed you the most? What if I told you I’m a Christian?

Not just a passive-aggressive bench-warmer, but a creation-believing, soul-searching, Bible-marking, in-your-face follower of Christ. Yes, one of those exists in the medical field. And you're looking at her. Do I hear a collective gasp?

Study Bible

As a pharmacist, I wear my white coat and serve those in need with the Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ as my Guide and Deliverer. As an author? I pen His amazing message of hope, grace, and strength in tales of suspense, mystery, and romance.

I'm a testament to the fact that He’s always with us, even when we don't see, hear, or feel Him.


My deepest prayer will always be...that you know Him to His fullest. Believe me when I say, it's an awesome thing.

May you walk hand in hand with the One who gives life to the lifeless, joy to the miserable, and peace to the tortured.

In Christ,


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