Faith at Work: New Beginnings

Faith at Work

New Beginnings

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James Blare

It’s Easter Sunday. The day they rolled the stone away and behold, the tomb was empty. Hope was rekindled for the many who mourned and thought all was lost. It’s the day we lift our hands high and praise God for all He has done for us…and bow our heads in prayer for those who do not know Him.

Welcome to Inspirational Moments…this is a special day. I introduce a new feature, FAITH AT WORK.

Are you the ultimate “Do-It-Yourselfer” whose gift of turning nothing into something amazing is used by the Lord to bless another soul? If so, this feature may interest you. For that’s what this is about.

Since FAITH AT WORK’s dedicated to my husband, how about I introduce you to him?

James Blare was an electrician for sixteen years until his body made other plans. Shoulder and knee issues sent him in search of another career or should I say two? He became a football and wrestling coach as well as a paraprofessional at the reservation schools in Wyoming. He loved his new jobs, and the kids loved him…but his body didn’t. Thirty-nine surgeries later, James is unable to work, but children and athletes still hold a place in his heart.

Tomato Plants

What does he do with his time now? James calls himself…a Jack of all trades, master of none. I refer to him as my ultimate do-it-yourselfer. If you talk to him, he’ll tell you about rebuilding his Bronco II’s engine in the garage, making a matching set of furniture for the living room, decks…you name it. He loves to work with his hands. His favorite saying concerning Do-It-Yourself projects is “learning’s cheap.”

Since becoming disabled, he’s had to learn how to improvise. Instead of a monster garden, he adapted his growing technique to include hydroponics. Tubes and water provide the nutrients to his plants instead of digging and weeding. It's much less wear on his joints and back. The greenhouse shelters him and the greens from the unpredictable Wyoming elements.
James' Garden

And what of the produce? As James gave his heart and soul to the children of the reservation, he gives of his garden. Tomato plants…green bean seedlings disappear out of his greenhouse before the first fruit or vegetables can be picked. Where are they going? You would have to ask him. Most likely to anyone who asks. And when the harvest comes in? We’ll pickle the cucumbers, dill the beans, make the salsa, and the jars of produce will disappear the same way, if not before.

So when you’re gathered ‘round the Easter Sunday table, offer a little bit of thanks for the do-it-yourselfer in your crowd. After all, life’s pretty good with them around.

FAITH AT WORK is dedicated to James Blare, Jr., Renee Blare’s husband. If you have a DIY story to share, please contact Renee at


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