Sunday, November 23, 2014

REVIEW: Linda Glaz's The Preacher's New Family

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A review of Linda Glaz's The Preacher's New Family.

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The Preacher's New Family
The Preacher's New Family
The Book:


Yet every time he sees Sarah Anne Rycroft, he feels a powerful urge to protect the beautiful young widow. When she's in danger of losing the farm to the bank, T.J. steps in to defend Sarah against the unscrupulous banker.

Sarah knows T.J. has vowed to live a solitary life of devotion to God. Still, the single mother can't resist the comfort and safety of his strong arms. But when he sells his most prized possession to save the farm from foreclosure, she wonders if the handsome preacher could have marriage on his mind, after all.

The Review:

A story of new beginnings. The Preacher's New Family serves to show Christian and non-Christian alike that life will continue even when faced with unexpected and painful turns along the way.

A traveling preacher, T.J. O'Brien won't be tied down. He knows what he wants and needs out of life until he meets a young widow and her precocious son. Her beauty and hard work touches more in his heart than just his desire to provide. He's met with a life-changing decision especially when he discovers everything she treasures is at risk.

Life on the prairie's been tough for Sarah Anne Rycroft. But after losing her husband, she's learned to survive. With the help of a few friends, she's managed to keep a roof over her son's head and food in their bellies, but time's running out. She must make a decision or their life will cease as they know it.

One day, a tall, dark stranger arrives at her well for a drink of water. She opens her door and her life begins again.

∗∗∗∗∗ Very well written with a message for every reader. I give this book five stars.


The Preacher's New Family
The Preacher's New Family

The Author:
Linda Glaz
Linda Glaz
Linda S. Glaz is an experienced editor, reviewer and writer, has participated as a final reader for Wild Rose Press, then for White Rose Publishing all the while reviewing for online sites. She has worked as an editorial assistant for Hartline Agent Terry Burns. She's extremely active in the judging community and speaks at conferences  nationwide.  She is also a member of  AWSA.  Linda understands writers, because she IS a writer.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

The Coffee Corner Meets Jennifer Slattery (Giveaway)

A Touch of Relaxation

Hello, Jennifer and welcome to the Coffee Corner. I hope you like coffee. If not, don’t worry, we have all kinds of things to choose from. Pull up a chair and help yourself.

Renee: Now, I know we’re writers…shhh! Don’t tell anyone…but I dream up the weirdest scenarios in my head. And this is one: What if you were dropped on a deserted island without a piece of paper, pen or computer, what would you do?

Jennifer: Go completely insane??? Would I have my Kindle? Access to books? I suspect if the answer to all those questions is no, I'd go exploring.

Monday, November 10, 2014

GUEST: The Value of Listening by Ginger Marcinkowski

(Condensed from a column she wrote for Book Fun Magazine)

One of the most inspirational moments and greatest lessons I have ever learned came during a conversation with my older brother. He and his wife had opened their home to my husband, son and I as long-term visitors while my husband attended the FBI Academy.  I was a young mother, inexperienced, and frazzled. I had a son and an unsaved husband whose police job kept him far removed from us.  I relished the moments when I could have godly conversations, so the visit with my brother was especially welcomed. At the time, my brother had three children and a child on the way, yet, their home was full of peace.
I thought my husband and I emulated loving and patient parents, but looking back, that wasn’t true. I remember myself pushing my son to another room to play, or plopping him in front of the television, so that I might accomplish my self-important tasks. My husband came home at night distracted by the day’s encounters with drug dealers and thieves. His interactions with our son were limited, as he arrived home just before our son went to bed.  A quick ruffle of the boy’s hair and a kiss goodnight was all the time they had together.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

The Right Ingredients by Nancy Shew Bolton

The Right Ingredients

An Absolute Treat!

And The Right Ingredients fulfills the appetite. A miserable life blossoms due to a life-changing discovery and Nancy Bolton makes you hungry for more…and more. This beautiful story touches the heart and soul. Don’t miss it!

About the Book: 

Ann’s hectic work responsibilities demand all her time and effort, and what was once a useful, satisfactory life has become a burden to carry. Her bakery partner Susan has lost none of her enthusiasm for their business, and Ann can’t understand her exuberance, or her friend’s Christian faith. So she trudges along, hiding her dissatisfaction from Susan, resigned to a life of work, sleep and problems.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Learning to Die - Through the Eyes of Kate James (Character Interview and Giveaway)

Please welcome this beautiful woman to the stage. We even have a prize for one of the guests in the audience today. So toss your name in the hat at the end of the interview. Have fun! Now on to the show.
Host: I know you’re busy, but can you tell me a bit about yourself?
KJ: Well, my name is Kate James. I’m thirty-four, and I work as a criminalist for the Miami Dade Crime Lab. I specialize in trace evidence and narcotics. My closest friends are my coworkers. We spend so much time together that we’re kind of like family.
Host: What about your mother and father? Any siblings?
KJ: My mom died when I was young. Cancer. My brother ten years ago.