A Review: Tina Pinson's To Carry Her Cross

The Book:

Willow Creek, Colorado is a town built on dreams of gold and secrets. Whose life will change forever if their secret is revealed? 
Dr. Harrison Caldwell, who hopes the mountains will shelter him so his past won't find him? 

Mitchell Grover, who hopes to win the mountain for the Lord, and might, if the townspeople would let him live down his past? 
Esther Warren, who wants to be a doctor but can't forget the blood on her hands? 
Crazy Joe, a solitary figure going about his business, helping others like a finely tuned clock, only now someone is interested in the secret he may be hiding? 
Cordelia Mason, the town madam, who knows many secrets, but her dreams just might put her out of business?

The Review:

Love and salvation sparks in the lives of the citizens Willow Creek even as persecution and judgment rains down from all around.
While hope blooms, mining continues… a dangerous but addictive practice in Colorado in 1872. But more than gold rests high in the mountains. Between sheltered secrets and well-crafted facades, a prospect exists for the claiming. If they can uncover the truth.
Pinson formulates her characters, both present and past, and the story accents every one of their traits. From egotism to patience, self-doubt to determination, they’re shown in all their human or spiritual glory. A deep message of trust, faith, and redemption’s nestled within the pages. And although a few plot lines can get a little confusing, Pinson always brings it back around.
I give this book four stars. Well done, Ms. Pinson, well done.

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The Author:

Tina Pinson is a wife, mother, grandmother, and author. After 20 years in Colorado, she now lives in Arizona. She has been writing since she was in elementary school. In the Manor of the Ghost, Touched by Mercy, and When Shadows Fall are available through Desert Breeze Publishing. Her book Trail of the Sandpiper-Betrayed, won third place in the 2003 ACRW Noble Theme Contest. (Now the ACFW Genesis).


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