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Memorial Day is set aside each year to honor the fallen... those who've given everything for our freedom. One day to wave the flag at half-staff or cry for those we've lost. Is it enough?
Not for me... I dedicate this week. I call it Memorial Week. For the fallen heroes, the wounded veterans, and all who have sacrificed for my freedom. I say, thank you.

My friend and crit partner, Amory Cannon (writing as Amryn Cross) sent me an email and said "YOU'RE IT!" Not to shy away from a challenge, I accepted. So I guess you'd like to know what all this is about, eh? Well, like the title suggests... my writing process. The how, what, and why of it? Literally. Four questions in all. Amory's answers can be found on her website if you're interested. As for me? Let's get started...

What am I working on?
Let’s see, right now I’m about halfway through my second book, Through the Raging Waters. Paul and Melissa battle Mother Nature in the town of Timber Springs, Wyoming when spring runoff hits during the storm of the century. A logging crew's missing and bigger obstacles than a raging river endanger the rescue party as the town stands on the brink of destruction. I’ll finish it then send it off to my editor before we start spit-shining the first book, To Soar on Eagles’ Wings due to be published by Prism Books in March of 2015.

In the meantime, I’m on pins and needles, waiting for the results of the 2014 ACFW Genesis Semi-Finals. Before Prism contacted me, I was one of the many… writing for the Lord… waiting for Him to move. Next thing I know... I send my my novella into Genesis... Prism offers me a contract on To Soar, then I'm a semi-finalist! Oh, He’s moving all right. Now I can’t keep up.

How does my work differ from others in its genre?
As far as the genre goes, I like to say I write Christian romantic suspense. You notice I don’t say romance or suspense individually. My writing is a mixture of the two... with a strong element of small town charm. I use a lot of description to bring the reader directly into the wilds of Wyoming and sprinkle the message of the Lord through the pages.
Wyoming life is tough. It can be brutal at times but also beautiful. Much like being a Christian. I use parallels and realistic scenarios to show faith and hope through often insurmountable odds bringing my characters to sometimes subtle, sometimes life-changing decisions.

Why do I write what I do?
It’s simple really. I write for the Lord. To testify to the Truth… to show His love, strength, and mercy to those who may not know it or, for whatever reason, need to hear it. To offer a little hope and faith in the midst of the storm of life.
Why Wyoming? I love Wyoming. It’s what I know. And the amazing things you read about in my books are real. I’ve lived them, seen them, or heard of them happening in the history books in that wonderful state.

But if I can ever get some money saved up, I'd love to travel. Maybe I’ll get to do some research in Ireland, Scotland, or Australia. I would love to write a book with a setting in one of those places, but I refuse to do it with Google as my only source of information.

How does your writing process work?

Ahh, well now… Where should I start? I’m as eclectic with my writing process as I am with my music! Everyone who knows me knows I listen to everything from Country to Jazz. Throw in Cajun and Christian and I’m in heaven.
That’s about how my writing process works. I’m serious! I start out with the characters profiles and their “stories.” I give them birthdays, characteristics, occupations, likes, dislikes, friends, enemies, histories, allergies. You name it. Even the minor ones. I even have a Pinterest board for the feature family of The Snowy Range Chronicles, the Fitzgeralds. (This is my Country Phase.)
Then I get out my white board and draw a time line. I wouldn’t call this plotting but it’s about as close as I get. The major events of the story go on the line and who’s involved. I have an overall Chronicle Timeline at the top of the board that I update as I go along in the new story. A notebook is next. Brainstorm time… I write down the major events on a piece of paper and brainstorm different ways to start the book. (This is my Jazz phase.)
After the brainstorm, I write. If I’m fortunate my editing brain doesn’t kick in and I can get some serious work done. Usually at the beginning of a book, I don’t have this problem. It’s halfway through a book (like now with Through the Raging Waters), it starts intruding. (This is my Cajun phase.)
Now what? When they’re finished, I send chapters to my crit group for critiques. I write. I edit then write. I blog. I write. I promote. I write. I work as a pharmacist then write. I spend time with my family then write. I go to writer’s meetings. I learn then write. I go to church and pray. LOL (I call this my Christian phase. It takes a lot of faith and His strength to finish a book. J )

So there's my writing process... what do you think? A little nuts or is it normal? Not sure? Me neither.
Do you want to know who I've tagged? I'm blessed to have four great writers answer the call. Check these great writers out:


Although she lives in Idaho, Becky Lyles knows all about Wyoming. I met Becky when she guest posted on my blog, Inspirational Moments. We became fast friends as we talked about the wide open spaces and beautiful mountains of home. Don’t miss her answers. You’ll find them soon on her blog, widgetwords.


Ginger Marcinkowski’s another wonderful author I met through my blog. She writes powerful, awesome stories. She has one scheduled for release in July! I love Ginger and I know you will too. She’ll have her answers on her blog, NovelTravelers so keep an eye out.


Christian fantasy writer, Angie Brashear fashions fantastical realms and awesome characters in her young adult stories. Her debut novel, Of the Persecuted releases this month. Don't miss it. She's a true blessing and pleasure to have on my blog. I can't wait to read more from this wonderful author. You can find her writing process answers on her blog, Venturing to Other Worlds soon. 

Misty Russon’s a Rough Diamond Writer. What’s that? We’re a group of Christian writers mining for the Lord’s brilliance with graphite. Our crit group started a blog, The Diamond Mine of Christian Fiction. You may have heard of it. If not, that’s okay. You have now! Misty’s an unpublished but terrific writer who pours her heart onto the page. You’ll find her answers on her blog, mistysmusings 4u (as well as her writing!).

In Christ,

Christian Fiction... where the wild meets the Forgiven


  1. As her husband my writing process, is as follows. I write then my wife edits, I make adjustments, then my son edits. Then I give it to my wife, she rewrites, I nod my head. Then she approves.

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  2. Thanks, Renee, for letting me blog hop with you! May we both have a chance to return "home" to beautiful Wyoming soon. :-)

  3. Thanks Becky. :) I did get to visit last week! We went to the Big Horns and Devils Tower. It was an awesome time.


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