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Sunset on Tradinghouse Lake, TX

Isaiah 45:6 That they may know from the rising of the sun to its setting That there is none besides Me. I am the LORD, and there is no other.

A god. Who or what is it? Webster’s Dictionary defines a god in one of its most basic terms as “a person or thing of supreme value.” (Merriam-Webster Dictionary, n.d.)

As Christians, we adhere to the first definition of Webster: “capitalized : the supreme or ultimate reality: as the Being perfect in power, wisdom, and goodness who is worshipped as creator and ruler of the universe (subcategory a).” (Merriam-Webster Dictionary, n.d.)

Webster also has other definitions, but personally, I like the second definition of Webster the most: “a being or object believed to have more than natural attributes and powers and to require human worship; specifically: one controlling a particular aspect or part of reality.” (Merriam-Webster Dictionary, n.d.)

Why? Because I believe every man has a god, even the atheist… the person who doesn’t believe in a Supreme Being.

I believe we can make gods out of anything in our lives whether it be money, our jobs… even our children. It all comes down to what or who takes priority in our lives and what we’re willing to sacrifice for it.

Before you scoff or laugh me off, think about what I’m saying for a minute. Fine, you say you don’t believe in creation or a Creator. God is a “farce.” Or maybe you aren’t quite sure about this God stuff and all you really care about is your family. After all, you’re the provider.

Remember the first definition I mentioned? Go ahead, read it again… it’s on the very first line.
It all boils down to two simple words: supreme value. You don’t have to believe in a Supreme Being to treasure something above all else. So I’ll ask… who or what is your god?

A Christian believes his God to be the Creator and Father of all. He takes direction for his life from the Holy Scriptures and prayer. Through a relationship with His Son, Jesus Christ, he has fellowship with the Almighty. The price for sin has already been paid, the sacrifice given. The Holy Spirit’s his guide in this crazy world until he joins his Father in heaven at the end of it all. And during his life, whether it be easy or hard, always knows he’s never alone.

Does your god offer you eternal life? Give you strength to face any trial? And in the end, lead you home on streets of gold? Or is he just a god of convenience or temporary pleasure?

Who or what do you worship?

In Christ,



  1. I'm glad you brought up how our children can be our gods. I see this time and again, even strongly among Christians, and I don't understand why parents don't see it.

    1. I see it often. I was even guilty of it myself. We're taught to bring up our children in the ways of the Lord, not to put them BEFORE Him. It's a lesson which is very hard to learn.


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