Celebration: A Milestone; A Miracle

I did it! I pulled back a compound bow today. Yes, it was only set to twenty-two pounds, but I did it.
After two years of excruciating pain, sleepless nights, long hours of physical therapy, and two shoulder surgeries, the Lord answered one more prayer.
You’re probably asking yourself, why bother after all that. I don’t blame you. I thought the same thing. In fact, I almost didn’t try, content to know I could do it… once upon a time.
But then, I heard Him. It hit me like a slap. I stopped in the aisle at Cabela’s and stared at my husband for second before I shook my head. No, not yet. I’m not ready. I kept walking.
I don’t know how many times I’d stood in the archery department with my arm cradled at my side. Of all the milestones on my therapy list, this was one I figured I’d never achieve. Therefore I took pleasure in watching my husband teach others the joy of shooting the intricate weapon.
Then I heard Him again. “It’s time.”
I approached my husband and asked him if I could try to pull back a bow. I was so nervous my words barely made sense. I think his eyebrows reached the ceiling he was so surprised.
The technician had to do some major adjusting to the thing, but when James handed me the bow the last time, I knew. This was really happening. I could do this. I could really do this. I pulled the string back to my cheek and let the arrow fly. Talk about exhilarating!
Yeah, I shook like a novice and missed the circle on the target by a mile, but nothing could wipe the smile from my face. I’d done it. I’d reached my last milestone.
I turned around to see several people in addition to my husband, and son peeking into the small archery range. They wore grins as well. Honestly, I wasn’t that loud…

For two years, my right arm refused to move. I had over a year of physical therapy before the first attempt to fix it. After the failure of my first shoulder surgery, I was told I would have to live with an extremely painful condition and limited range of motion the rest of my life. Six weeks later, I had a second shoulder surgery and subsequent physical therapy.
The Lord provided…everything. And I mean everything. From support during the bad times to finances. The minute I had a concern, I prayed. In a matter of days, the answer would appear. If I worried, He reminded me to trust. And believe me, I had to.
Family and friends listened while I vented my frustration in various ways, loving me anyway. My husband rubbed out my back spasms and prayed over me every night, holding me when I cried. My son helped me with exercise after exercise, especially after my husband had his knee replacement. Small donations came from unexpected places to make life a little easier on this hard journey. They will always be appreciated.
While I’m not sure I’m grateful for the experience, I’ll treasure the lessons I learned along the way. It’s amazing what dedication and hard work does, isn’t it? Even in the midst of pain and agony, the Lord gives strength and hope. And delivers a miracle or two for good measure.

Do you have a journey the Lord is carrying you along? Giving you strength to meet each day? Or are you waiting for an answer to prayer? A miracle?

photo credit: SpreadTheMagic via photopin cc


  1. You did very good. you did not miss by a mile. You were 3 inches low.


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