A Review: The Shepherd's Song by Duffey and Myers

The Book:

Shortly before suffering a tragic car accident, Kate McConnell wrote the simple but powerful words of Psalm 23 on a piece of paper to give to her wayward and confused son. The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want. . . . As she loses consciousness from her injuries, she wonders if she’s done enough with her life. 

When a lonely dry-cleaning employee finds Kate’s humble, handwritten copy of the psalm, it begins an incredible journey around the world, forever changing the lives of twelve very different people. From a soldier wounded in Iraq, to a young Kurdish girl fleeing with her family to Turkey, to a Kenyan runner about to begin the Rome Invitational Marathon, the power of the ancient words begins to take shape in various ways, drawing us into these stories inexplicably linked by the passing of the psalm from one recipient to the next. 

Eventually, Kate’s paper makes it back to its starting place, and she discovers the unexpected ways that God moves and changes lives through even our smallest actions.

The Review:

A moving and gripping story of answered prayer…one step at a time.

Kate McConnell’s deepest wish is for her son to know the Lord. She prays over each verse of the Shepherd’s Song as she writes it then tucks the folded paper into his coat pocket. Following their argument and one of the worst wrecks ever on Maryland’s I-95, she utters one more prayer and slips into unconsciousness. But God is faithful. He hears her prayers and works wonders.

The Shepherd’s Song is a powerful tale of twelve lives touched by one woman, whether known or unknown, as well as those of her family. Verse by verse, whether it be guidance, protection, deliverance, or mere comfort, the scribbles they find on a piece of paper reveal what they need or want, and the Lord directs their paths.

I give five stars for the Shepherd’s Song. Well-written, and poignant, this book will touch the heart of every reader.

The Authors:

Betsy Duffey began writing in 1990 and has published over twenty children's books, including a number of popular series. Her books have been Junior Library Guild selections, Crown Award nominees, and have been nominated for state awards in over twenty states including the California Young Reader Medal, the Texas Bluebonnet Award and the Florida Sunshine State Young Reader Award. Her books have been Parent's Choice and Children's Choice selections. Betsy's books have been translated into Japanese, Korean, Dutch and Danish, and included in numerous book clubs.

Betsy lives with her husband, Bill, and puppy, Arlo, in Atlanta. She currently writes with her sister, Laurie Myers. You can visit them at their facebook page: Writing Sisters or at writingsisters.com

Laurie Myers is the award-winning author of chapter books for children, including Surviving Brick Johnson, an ALA Notable book, and Lewis and Clark and Me, winner of the Pennsylvania Children's book award and Honor book for Michigan. Her books have been on the International Reading Association's Children's Choice, Teachers' Choice and Parents' Choice lists, as well as Junior Library Guild selection and many state master lists and nominations for the Crown Award.
She has collaborated with her sister, Betsy Duffey and her mother Betsy Byars on several popular books, which have been nominated for many state awards and won the Oregon, Louisiana, and South Carolina children's book awards.
She lives in Augusta, Georgia with her husband, their dog, Samson and their cat, Venus.


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