Special Guest: Is It Ever Too Late? by Paula Vince

Have you ever left anything too late to fix? Have you found yourself repeating, ‘If only’?

If only you’d acted differently or spoken up at an appropriate time, you might have prevented something bad from happening, or at least been able to salvage an unfortunate situation. However, now it seems too late. All you can do is live with regret, because stirring up memories may make things worse. Living with an unhealed wound has become a way of life for you, but you’re able to cover it up so that others don’t see it. And for most of the time, you’re able to ignore the pain and carry on.

That’s the position my heroine, Imogen Browne, finds herself in. Regret has been her companion for year after year. She knows she certainly can’t change the situation she was involved in. It’s easy for her to imagine that some people she used to love may hate her memory, if they’re aware of her full story.

One day, she knows she’s had enough. Her secret is tainting every part of her life. She cannot rest until she at least tries to make amends, even though it seems that anything she does will be futile at best, and a ridiculous flop at worst. It also means she must leave her home in America to return all the way to Australia, where the event had taken place.

Sometimes it doesn’t matter how other people may treat us when they find out, or how inconvenient returning to the scene may be. Any sacrifices and costs involved are irrelevant, compared with the thought of having a clear conscience at last. Being able to face our reflection in the mirror with respect means everything. But will Imogen ever manage that, no matter how hard she tries?

What does she discover when she makes the move? That’s what my new novel is all about. Imogen is in for some shocks. Others seem to be holding onto secrets of their own, especially Asher, the one person she felt most terrified to face. What if a lengthy lapse of time turns out to be a good thing after all? She never expected to arrive just in time to offer the sort of help nobody else can. Perhaps what she thought was too late turns out to be right on time.

About the Book:

She has given herself a chance to fix her personal history. But will old mistakes bring up new emotions?
Imogen Browne longs to make up for past mistakes before she can move on. She quietly resolves to help the Dorazio family, whose lives she accidentally upset. Her biggest challenge is Asher, the one person who may never forgive her. And he is facing a crisis of his own. Imogen must tread very carefully, as trying to fix things may well make them shatter.
A sensitive story about misplaced loyalty, celebrating life and falling in love. Can family secrets concealed with the best intentions bear the light of day?

a Rafflecopter giveaway About the Author:

Award-winning author, Paula Vince loves to evoke tears and laughter through her novels. A wife and homeschooling mother of three, she resides in the beautiful Adelaide Hills of South Australia. Her youth was brightened by great fiction and she’s on a mission to pay it forward.

Her novel, Picking up the Pieces, won the religious fiction section of the 2011 International Book Awards.
Her novel, Best Forgotten, was winner of the 2011 CALEB Award in the fiction category and also recognized as the best overall entry for the year, chosen over memoirs, devotionals and general non-fiction.

Paula’s books are a skillful blend of drama and romance tied together with elements of mystery and suspense.

Paula is the author of Picking up the Pieces, The Risky Way Home, A Design of Gold and Best Forgotten. Her new novel, Imogen’s Chance, will be published in April, 2014.

Paula is also one of the four authors of The Greenfield Legacy.

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  1. This sounds like a rich story, laced with meaning and woven as a work of Fiction. I look forward to reading it. Not long now.

    1. Hi Susanne,
      Thanks for sharing the excitement with me. Yes, it's just a matter of a few days now. April 1st is the official date. Good luck in this draw.

    2. Congratulations, Susanne! You're the winner of the giveaway. :)

  2. Hi Paula - What a great question - is ever too late. I like the way you explore this in Imogen's Choice.

    1. Hi Jeanette,
      Yes, I thought it was an interesting question to explore too. I'm sure most of us can probably relate to it in different ways. That's what I love about fiction. It gets many different people nodding together.

  3. Thank you for hosting me on this brand new blog, Renee. It's a pleasure to be a guest, and get the chance to share something about my new book.

    1. You're very welcome! I've had the blog a while. I recently changed my website though. Still struggling with that one! LOL I guess it would make it look new!

  4. I think we've all hestitated at some point to do what we should, ignoring that small voice inside that prompts us to act to do something worthwhile, only to kick our selves for not having acted. Learning to listen to that voice and making the effort to take ourselves out of our own comfort zone and into action is a real reward though. The quote: nothing ventured, nothing gained, is certainly true, and when it comes to doing something for others, it is its own reward. I wish you all the best, Paula x

  5. Hi Deirdre,
    I think you've pegged one of the main attitudes in this book completely. Both main characters have these moments of having to decide whether or not to heed the still small voice, for different reasons (which sometimes conflict with each other). I hope you get a chance to read it.

  6. Sounds intriguing. Definitely planning to read it.

  7. Hi Misty,
    Great to meet you. I hope you do, and that you enjoy it. Good luck with this draw.


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