Tea Time at the Corner: The Coffee Corner with Diane Dean White


I’m so excited to host Diane D. White today in the Coffee Corner. Or should we call it Tea Time? Gather ‘round, folks. I’ll pour the cups.

I met Diane when I was a new writer on Scribes, the ACFW critique loop. To this crazy newbie, she’s been a voice of reason and patience. So let the interview begin…

Congratulations on your new release, On a Summer Night. What can you tell us about it?

First, let me thank you, Renee, for inviting me to join you on your site. It’s exciting to have a new book and see the fruits of my labor. On a Summer Night is a story that shows an adventure two girls have, can lead to soul searching and resentment if not given to the Lord. We follow one girl for a number of years after this experience, and the books takes some twists and turns before it ends.

Writing can be quite a trial for some, not as much for others. What were some of your challenges when writing this book?

Since I've written first as a newspaper reporter, and then over 300 short stories, and wrote another book of Christian fiction, this was a work I started before joining ACFW and the loop of Scribes. As you know we critique one another‘s work, and I was clueless as to the new rules. I'd always written short stories which is “telling,” and didn't know POV rules; and nothing about “weasel words.” It took some time to get that right, and I revised a lot of the story to meet those standards. It took me another year to rewrite using those rules, but after I got them down, I was able to continue onto my next book, while waiting to hear about On a Summer Night.

Wow, Diane. I never knew you’ve written so much! Congratulations on such an amazing writing career. I love all kinds of books. I’ll read just about anything. What do you like to read?

I enjoy many genres, but probably contemporary and historic fiction is my favorite. Some suspense and romance is good.

When I’m not reading, I’m writing, or working. But I don’t work all the time (no matter what my family says.) I love to play on the beach and fish when my shoulder lets me. What do you like to do in your spare time?

I’d love to go fishing again, or take a beach walk and look for seashells, and in fact one chapter in my book is about the fun my characters have going out into the green Florida Gulf to enjoy a day of fishing.
Renee, due to a back injury I can’t do as much as I'd like, and so I don't go out a lot, but when our daughter and three grand gals come to visit, we always make a point to find a quaint tea room and enjoy that yummy ceremony. I really am grateful that I can look forward to my writing each day. I do believe the Lord gives us the desires of our hearts; I didn't expect it to come in the way of a back injury…but He knows what we can do.

I’m so sorry to hear of your pain. I agree that the Lord does give us the desires of our hearts, along with His strength to see us through whatever we may face in this life. And He knows the best possible time we can handle those blessings in our lives.

Speaking of time, it’s quite the commodity around my house. Do you have any advice for a new writer in that regard?

Make time. Like anything else that’s important, it’s a job. Treat it as such. Make definite hours and stick to them. I enjoy early mornings and can work for several hours before a pause. I usually proof in the evenings and try to critique my partners work when not proofing my own. If there’s a writers group, get involved. ACFW has a number of them in each state and various cities. It’s good to have others to share with in this field. And excellent to belong to a critique group to help you learn and be accountable to your craft and goals.

Thank you for the advice. I really wish I had a Christian Writers Group in my city. Traveling is so hard for me. But I do have a critique group. ;)

Would you mind sharing a piece of On a Summer Night with us?

A fusion of past thoughts with fragrances and salty air played in the recesses of Kate’s mind. More seagulls flew in formation against the blue sky that now showed gray clouds, with splashes of pink. She took her husband’s strong hand, full of love and warmth. Nestled, she sat next to his broad frame as he drove into the village. Memories flooded her soul. She'd been eighteen, and with youth, wrong decisions often led to grave consequences. There was no erasing the past.
It had been years ago when she and her best friend, Vanessa, made this journey. What a special time their two-week trip after high school graduation had been. She'd never shared with her husband what had happened on that summer night. Kate wasn't sure she should. Did it really matter? She knew the answer…they shared everything. Maybe it was time to tell him her story.

Sounds interesting! I can’t wait to read it. So, what’s next on the calendar? Any conferences or new books headed your way?

I'd love to attend a conference and do book-signings all over. Again, I'm unable to do so because of back pain. I do have another book that is a sequel to On a Summer Night...following one character into rural Georgia. It's been fun to create this story plot...it's much different from my present story and with a good Christian message, too. It's called This Side of Heaven, and the second book in my White Dove series.

I’m sure your new book will be awesome. Thanks for stopping by the Corner today, Diane. You are truly a delight and good friend.

About the Book:

300 pages
A nightmare witnessed between two young women, and one couldn't forget or forgive. Kate had never told her husband about the experience that changed their lives forever in southern Florida. Maybe it was time to tell him her story.
Publisher: CrossLink Publishing, September 2013


About the Author:
Diane started her writing at an early age, but it wasn’t until her husband’s work took them to a small southern town she wrote her first column, “Yankee Viewpoint’s” in a local newspaper. Returning to her home-state of Michigan, she did stringer work over the years, ancestral history, and donor appeal letters for non-profit organizations. Diane self-published two books in the early 2000’s, and she became a columnist for a weekly magazine, for four years. She is the author of over three-hundred short stories, and her book On a Summer Night was released in October. She and hubby, Stephen, have been married for forty-one years, and they are the parents of three grown children and three grand-gals.
Visit Diane on her website at www.DianeDeanWhite.com

And friend request her on Facebook at, https://www.facebook.com/diane.d.white.75?ref=tn_tnmn

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  1. What a great interview. I have read Diane Dean White's novel, On a Summer Night and I recommend it. :)

    1. Thank you, Mary. Both for the complement and for stopping by! :)

  2. What a good interview, Renee and Diane. Great questions and great answers.

  3. Thanks so much Mary and Erin. It's nice to be on Renee's blog and share about my book.
    I appreciate your coming by....you're both so sweet~ Blessings~


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