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A Christmas Chat with Christine Schimpf (Giveaway)

Christine Schimpf on Inspirational Moments

I'd like to welcome Christine Schimpf to Inspirational Moments! She's a wonderful Christian author who has just released a Christmas book called A Christmas Kind of Perfect. More details about that book at the end of the interview! Did I say she's wonderful? She's even giving away a free e-book this week. So, make sure you pay attention to the interview and comment at the end for your chance to win! Here we go.

Renee: Hi there, Christine, welcome. I guess we'd better get started. Everyone's chomping at the bit to get to know you. First things, first....what brings you joy about writing?

Christine: There are times during the editing process that I throw my head back and laugh at some of things I have my characters say and then comment to my husband on how funny they are. It’s then I realize they're not real people and laugh at myself again. Writing is such a wonderful creative outlet for me and melding it with a faith…

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